Our promise

Made By Holland: an innovation platform from which new arrangements and alliances emerge

Soestdijk will soon be providing space and inspiration for anyone willing and able to contribute to consolidating and boosting the Netherlands’ reputation as a country of innovation.

Support, coaching and financial assistance will help pave the way towards making dreams come true. This is particularly important in today’s world, where it is increasingly difficult to find support to implement good ideas. With its 200 years of royal history, Soestdijk provides an eminently suitable environment for fostering new arrangements and alliances, spotlighting the innovative strength and outstanding achievements of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Made By Holland: a place for everyone to meet, enjoy and spend time

The estate will be developed with full respect for its context, ensuring that its unique character remains fully intact. This will add a new layer to the iconic quality and exceptional beauty of Soestdijk.

Soestdijk Palace offers all kinds of opportunities for business activities, public or private. We will also give the visiting public an opportunity to view the Palace and the Park while exploring current themes. In the wings of the Palace, there will be a constantly changing series of presentations of varying length by companies and knowledge institutions. In the ‘Proeftuin’ (Experimental Garden), historic buildings, including the sports pavilion, the playhouse, the water tower, the chalet and the ice cellar, together with several new temporary follies, will form visually attractive and interactive components of Made By Holland.

The Parade with its hotel, restaurant, events venue and new parking facilities

As well as in the Palace and the Orangery, various food & beverage formats will feature on the other side of the Amsterdamsestraatweg road (the Parade), including in the Royal Stables. They will range from coffee bar to sunny terrace to brasserie: all in a state-of-the-art setting, in line with the all-embracing concept. Where possible, vegetables, fruit, eggs and other produce will be sourced from the estate’s own orchards and gardens.

In the monumental buildings in the Parade and upstairs in the Palace, it will be possible to enjoy an overnight stay fit for a king.

New worlds are not built, they emerge

The exact details of the programme will be developed gradually, in line with the tried-and-tested strategy used for the Westergasfabriek. A key principle of the project will be its focus on the temporary and the experimental. The ultimate details will emerge in alliance with the parties that commit to Made By Holland.

The central focus on the innovation and excellence of the Netherlands will always be respected and upheld. This will be guaranteed by a Programming Council and an Advisory Council. In developing Made By Holland, we are making a long-term commitment, because we are only too aware that careful redevelopment takes time. Firm foundations must be established in order to ensure continuity.

With our plan, a new world will emerge on historic land at the Soestdijk estate, offering a unique programme in an extraordinary place, for a highly varied public.

Made By Holland: practical and achievable

The Made By Holland initiative has been tested for feasibility within the current policy frameworks. We have established that the local development plan needs to be adjusted before Made By Holland can be implemented. In addition, it will be necessary to apply for an environmental permit for the residential building activities. Based on discussions with the competent authorities, we are confident that there is nothing standing in the way of the realization of Made By Holland because the necessary permission will be granted.

What’s more, the plan is financially viable. A large part of the upfront investments will be made from our own resources. In addition, a number of banks (Triodos, NIBC, ABNAMRO and Rabobank) have already indicated their willingness to participate. This was clearly confirmed during follow-up meetings in early 2017.

We are also confident that Made By Holland will be able to count on strong social support. A public survey has revealed that many Dutch citizens – from all sections of society – are highly enthusiastic about our plan. In the local community, too, our plan can count on plenty of support.

Support from the business community and cultural organizations also continues to be as strong as ever. And precisely because we are not an ad hoc coalition, and have proven capable in practice of taking on large-scale, complex and long-term projects, we relish an assignment such as this.

We are delighted and honoured that our Made By Holland initiative is going to be realized. And because Made By Holland is relevant to all Dutch citizens, we have opted for a concept that will offer all of them a touch of royalty. For our plan to succeed, the continued positive involvement of the government (not only the national government but also the province of Utrecht and the municipality of Baarn) will be crucial.